Why E-Cigarettes are Different from Tobacco Normal Cigars

Why E-Cigarettes are Different from Tobacco Normal Cigars

Are you interested in understanding the difference between your types of cigars that you are consuming daily? It goes without saying that the normal cigar is very simple for you to be able to understand about it. You therefore need to carefully study the e-cigarette so that you can know how it works and how it is supposed to be maintained. Such information is important since it can aid you in the decisions that you can make pertaining to the consumption of tobacco. The usage of electronic cigarette is really growing very fast.

Many youths are curious about it hence the reason why most of them are making such smoking a priority. This article will simplify the knowledge behind the production of such cigars for you. What you need to know from onset is that, the electronic cigar is filled with some liquid. This liquid can be composed of the smashed tobacco which is heated electronically until it produces the vapor. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke just like other normal cigarettes. They just produce the vapor. You can therefore inhale the vapor and get the sensational feelings that you could have gotten through the smoking of tobacco. The following are some of the features of the e-cigarettes as they are compared with the normal cigarettes;

  • Electronic liquid
  • Heating mechanism
  • Sensor

Electronic liquid

Just like the normal cigar is fitted with the tobacco, an e-cigar is also fitted with a special liquid that is commonly known as the e-liquid. This is the tobacco that has been prepared in the liquid form. It is then put in the special reservoir within this device. The moment you wish to inhale the vapor, the device is automatically turned on and the heat is electronically produced. The heat heats up the liquid until it forms up the vapor. You are then supposed to inhale the vapor. The difference between the e-cigarette and the normal is that the e-cigar does not produce smoke, it only produces vapor.

Heating mechanism

If you are using the normal cigar, all that you need for you to commence smoking is any type of fire. The source of fire will help you to initiate the lighting of the cigar hence the tobacco in it starts to burn. It will continue burning until the whole piece is consumed fully. On the other hand, if you are using the e-cigarette, you do not need to look for the source of fire. All that you need to do is to make sure that the battery of your device is fully charged electronically. The battery will therefore initiate the heating of e-liquid until it vaporizes. You will then inhale the vapor.


The moment you put your mouth close to the inhaling part of this device, it will automatically detect your intention and then initiate the burning of the e-liquid. This takes a short period of time. After the device has started producing vapor, you can now start your inhaling. However, it is important to note that your device ought to be charged regularly.