Read About Various Components of your E-Cigarettes

Read About Various Components of your E-Cigarettes

Do you know the technology behind the production of the e-cigarette? If you really wish to understand the knowledge behind the invention of the electronic cigar, this article will take you through various insights regarding to the technology behind such amazing discovery. Over the last many years, the normal cigar has been dominating the market. Its simplicity has led to the production of other locally prepared cigars. Since technology is almost affecting everything in the world, the production of cigars has not been left behind either.

For the past one decade, the production of e-cigarettes has been dominating the streets and the states of many countries. This has seen the number of people consuming such products increasing tremendously. The technology that has changed the perception of cigars is very simple. The device is considered an electronic simply because it is electronically operated. In fact, without electricity, the device may not be helpful to you. It has got a battery that needs to be charged regularly. If you do not have electricity connection, then you will go through hell with this device. The following are some of the aspects that you need to understand about the e-cigarettes;

  • Tobacco state
  • Heating method
  • Vapor

Tobacco state

Whereas in the normal cigars tobacco is in the solid state, this is quite different from an electronic cigar. The solid tobacco is first burnt by the fire that you will have to light at the lower part of your normal cigar. The fire will ensure that tobacco undergoes combustion. As it burns, the smoke shall be produced. It is this smoke that you will be required to smell as you enjoy your smoking. This is the main reason why this practice is referred to as the smoking. If this concept is compared with the e-cigarettes, you will realize that the difference is too big. Tobacco is smashed and then changed into liquid state. It is then heated electronically to produce vapor that you will have to inhale. Change of states is what matters here.

Heating method

You will need the simplest source of fire for you to initiate the smoking. You will burn the lower part of your normal cigar to burn. It will then produce the smoke that is composed with some elements of nicotine that is responsible in creation of sensation feeling. The e-cigarettes will purely rely on the battery to ignite it so that it can burn up the e-liquid for it to be able to produce the desired vapor that you need for you to enjoy the perfect sensation. This is how unique these two cigars are in terms of heating systems.


Electronic cigar is much different from your normal cigar in that it will not produce smoke, it will only produce vapor that is achieved after the vaporization of the e-liquid from the reservoir. The dependence on the battery for ignition is what makes the e-cigars to stand out from the normal cigars that are very common in the market today.